J beauty Studio Policy

J Beauty Studio is providing care through consultation with each customer to meet this desire.


1. All customers must deposit $100 at the time of reservation (cancellation on the day. In case of no-show, the deposit will charge a penalty.) This $100 will be refunded. if all services are completed without cancellation or no-show. You need to deposit again if your deposit does not remain.

2. Eyebrow and eyeliner touch-up will be extra charged after two months. Please note that an additional fee will be charged two months after the date of canceling or rescheduling the touch-up reservation.

3. Refunds are not possible after all services have been received, and refunds are not possible after payment for services and products. Transfer of services is only available to family members.

4. Please note that after cancellation or rescheduling, you may experience inconvenience when rebooking.

5. Please pay one time for the package.

6. We reserve the right to refuse a customer.

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